United Water New Jersey – Haworth Water Treatment Plant, Finished Water Pump No. 9 (April 2015)

Posted on: April 2, 2015

Buck, Seifert & Jost, Inc. is assisting UWNJ with the design for the addition of a ninth finished water pump (FWP 9) at the Haworth Water Treatment Plant. The new pump location is in an existing future/ spare position in the finished water pumping station completed in 1964 where there are four existing horizontal centrifugal… Continue Reading

New Jersey American Water – Raritan Millstone Water Treatment Plant (April 2015)

Posted on: April 1, 2015

NE Remsco Construction will begin work to replace the tube settlers in Basin 3, similar to the work completed in Basin 4 as reported in 2014. BS&J prepared the design and is providing construction services for the replacement of the flocculators, sludge collectors, tube settlers, tube settler support structure within the basin, related baffle walls,… Continue Reading