Canal Road Water Treatment Plant, Franklin Township, New Jersey (1996)

  |  Date Completed: 1996

In view of the increasing demand and the current status of the existing Raritan-Millstone plant, the owner retained BS&J, in association with Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc., for engineering services for the design and construction of a new water treatment plant located in the vicinity of the confluence of the Raritan and Millstone Rivers. The new plant will have an initial capacity of 40 MGD expandable to 200 MGD in the future. The new WTP was designed using an ozonation system to meet the water demands in both quality and quantity beyond the existing plant. Major process components include Raw Water Intake and Pumping Station, Flash Mixing, Flocculating and Sedimentation, Multi-Media Filtration, Finished Water Reservoir and High Service Pumping, ozone generation and chemical facilities, sludge disposal facilities, etc.

BS&J participated in all phases of design work including conceptual design, pilot plant studies, hydraulic computations, cost estimate, basis of design report, architectural schemes, plant layout, process evaluation, design criteria establishment and alternative assessment and recommendations. This firm took responsible lead in detailed design of the ozone treatment facilities in addition to the structural, architectural, plumbing, HVAC, instrumentation and electrical design for this new plant. This firm is also providing office and field engineering services during the construction phase which is nearing completion. This plant has a 5.0 MGD covered in ground concrete filtered water reservoir and two large post tension reinforcement sedimentation basins each treating 20 MGD. The structural design work was all performed by BS&J.