Lake Lookover Dam, Passaic County, New Jersey (2000)

  |  Date Completed: 2000

Retained by the State of New Jersey – Department of Building and Construction (NJ-DBC), BS&J provided engineering services for the rehabilitation of the dam, as well as Hydrologic and Hydraulic (H&H) studies required to provide an EAP and O&M for the dam. Rehabilitation work includes providing a new spillway and overtopping protection for the dam.

The Investigation Phase included an H&H Study, Emergency Action Plan, and Geotechnical Investigation. The Program Phase included a preliminary report containing findings, conclusions, recommendations, and schemes based on site investigation and project analysis; design schedule; construction time estimate; and cost estimate was submitted. The Schematic Design Phase included draft design drawings and an outline of the specifications. The 90% Pre-Final Design Phase which included detailed drawings and technical specifications was completed in April 1997 and the Operations & Maintenance Manual was completed in May 1997. The Final Design Phase and Permitting Phase of this project was submitted in July 1997. The Lake Lookover Property Owners Association assumed the responsibilities to complete the work and BS&J was engaged by the Association. The first phase to reconstruct the spillway was completed in 1999.

BS&J is presently retained to perform inspection of the dam.