Oradell Dam, Oradell, New Jersey (2005)

Client: United Water New Jersey   |  Date Completed: 2005

Oradell Dam, constructed in 1923 is a reverse ambursen type dam, consists of seven (7) large sluice gates and a 330′ spillway. Oradell Dam was designed by the founder of the firm, Mr. Nicholas S. Hill, Jr.

United Water New Jersey requested that operational aids be prepared related to the operation of the sluice gates to assist operators. BS&J evaluated downstream channel and flooding conditions, estimated sluice gate discharge effects, and prepared operating guidelines for the operation of the seven (7) outlet sluice gates of Oradell Dam. The report contained tables and graphs providing data in a convenient format to be used as a tool by trained and experienced Water Company personnel for the continued safe operation of the dam sluice gates.

During a formal inspection of the dam done by BS&J, undermining was discovered below the downstream sluice gate outlet channel slab. BS&J prepared construction documents to repair the downstream undermining using concrete revetment mats and reno mattresses. At the same time other concrete repair work on slabs and walks was also included in the work to be done.

In 1997, BS&J prepared contract documents to modify three (3) of the seven (7) sluice gate operators to provide automatic motor operation. A standby generator and controls linking the gates to SCADA were also added.