SUEZ Water Westchester Inc. – Villard Pump Station and Distribution System Upgrades (March 2017)

Posted on: March 1, 2017

This project involves replacing the pumping units in this station without taking it out of service. The existing station has two pumps with total capacity of 400 gallons per minute (gpm). A new three (3) pump skid will replace these pumps with total capacity of up to 1,000 gpm, providing more capacity to meet peak demands and fire flows. The distribution system has been upgraded with the replacement of existing 6 inch diameter mains. On the suction side of the station, 600 feet of 8 inch main and 450 feet of 12 inch main have been installed. On the discharge side, 670 feet of new 12 inch main has been installed. Construction started in March with the installation of the new water mains. The upgrade of the pump station is scheduled for completion in October 2017.