New Jersey American Water – Canal Road Water Treatment Plant (May 2019)

Posted on: May 26, 2019

Buck, Seifert & Jost, Inc. has partnered with Gannett Fleming (GF), an
engineering design firm, and the team has been retained by New Jersey
American Water (NJAW), the owner, to provide design and permitting services
for the Canal Road Water Treatment Plant. The project entails upgrades to
the current air-prep ozone generation system and includes the construction
of two (2) 13,000 gallon liquid oxygen (LOX) storage tanks, and six (6) new
vaporizer units installed alongside the tanks. Additional work includes the replacement of outdated air-prep ozone generators and related equipment. BS&J specifically is leading the electrical, instrumentation and controls design and overall project permitting efforts on the local, county, and state levels.