SUEZ Water New Jersey Inc. and SUEZ Water New York Inc. – Bridge Crossings (June 2019)

Posted on: June 1, 2019

Buck, Seifert & Jost, Inc., has successfully designed, attained applicable
permits, inspected, and closed-out various water main replacement projects
on bridge crossings in both New York and New Jersey. Each project was a
unique design challenge requiring interfacing and coordination with
different owners, government regulating agencies, railroads including CSX
and NJ Transit, bridge designers, bridge contractors, and utility
contractors. The projects require detailed analysis of tight clearances,
innovative support methodology, expansion-contraction and thrust restraint
considerations while fitting within the constraints of each unique bridge
reconstruction design plans, vertical and horizontal curve alignments.
Detailed phasing of the relocation’s must be considered to maintain traffic
and water service during construction at these critical water main crossings within the water utility’s system. BS&J continues to provide design and permit related engineering services on several water main replacement projects related to ongoing planned bridge replacements.