SUEZ Water New York Inc. – RVWF Pump Station Electrical Upgrade (September 2021)

Posted on: September 1, 2021

Buck, Seifert & Jost, Inc. was retained to evaluate, plan, and develop a conceptual design to replace the Ramapo Valley Wellfield (RVWF) Pump Station (PS) 4.16KV switchgear and pump control equipment due to age, increasing difficulty to obtain parts, and the increased safety features offered by the electrical equipment manufacturers. A conceptual design was completed in March 2021, including drawings for the electrical one line diagrams indicating options for new 4160V and 480V equipment replacement; proposed construction phases to maintain operation; equipment layouts including temporary equipment needed during construction; and anticipated construction costs. The project team is evaluating next steps including detailed design, preparation of construction bid packages for equipment procurement and installation contracts for the switchgear and motor control center (MCC) upgrade, and installation of two variable frequency drives (VFD) at the RVWF Pump Station.